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F13N Clamp Meter
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F13N Clamp Meter

Price from: £232.00 (excl. VAT)

Specially designed for equipment with non-linear loads, the F13N multimeter clamp gives an RMS measurement whether the current is deformed or sinusoidal.

  • AC intensity: 400 and 700A (2 cal.)
  • accuracy: 2%+/-0.5A
  • AC & DC voltage: 400 and 600V (2 cal.)
  • accuracy: 0.5%+/-2ct for DC, over 1%+/-10ct for AC
  • impedance 1MΩ
  • bandwidth: 45Hz-450Hz
  • RMS
  • resistance: 400Ω to 4kΩ (2 cal.), accuracy 1%+/-3ct
  • audible continuity test: R < 40Ω
  • memory and max value functions
  • frequency 1Hz to 4kHz, acc. 0.1%+/-1ct
  • 4,000-count display with large, 12.5mm digits
  • clamping: cable ø42mm, 2 50 x 5mm bars
  • electrical safety: IEC 1010 -600V Cat III
  • dimensions: 254 x 97 x 46mm. Weight: 600g

Available Downloads:

F13 Datasheet